Screen Songs

Selections of music written, arranged, and produced for video

Scoring for video is a uniquely fun challenge: you get to watch your work fit into a puzzle with a thousand other pieces, and when done right, you capture an essence of timing and mood not always offered by standalone music. I’ve produced for fiction and non, from 40’s swing to modern electronic, as a performer and composer (and usually both). Here are a few of my favorite tracks.

Screen Songs - WebA few summers ago, Coale Henderson and I were recording tracks for the 48 Hour Film Project. We hadn’t gotten very far when, out of the blue, Coale stumbled on a riff that was dark, catchy, and screaming to be paired with a spaghetti western. A week later we wrote and played our first track — Silence to Sundown, followed shortly by Pursuit From Palisades, a Venturean stomp that trades the west coast’s desert for its ocean.

Audela 1 was originally conceived as background music for a short architectural film. The track’s ambient guitars and keyboards were a tonal fit, but I suspected some of its elements could work in a more structured song. An all-nighter of drum programming and sample-mangling yielded Audela 2, a recent favorite of mine (so far) in more computer-oriented writing.

Screen Songs on SoundCloud.