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A production company for Oscars and indies gets an A-list website

Pros From Dover ProductionsThe creak of a wooden bench in a church’s pew is instantly recognizable — worn, ancient, evoking a sanctum — and most people seemingly can’t identify one from another. But this argument doesn’t hold water to Pros From Dover Productions, whose work is to capture inventive, historically accurate sound for films, documentaries, and more. A casual listener will hear the difference between a good sound and a perfect one, even if they can’t explain why. And this is what drove PFD to record not just any pew for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln, but one in St. John’s Episcopal Church, where Abraham Lincoln attended at the height of the Civil War.

Since 1984, PFD has amassed a body of work found in indies and blockbusters alike. But until recently, the website was more a museum than a living entity, with a design system that prevented frequent updates. I was thrilled to produce PFD’s new website, with a new content strategy and design that puts the company’s projects first.

See the site.

Projects | Pros From Dover Productions

A good design project starts with research. For PFD, where the goal was to develop a portfolio site to emphasize their film production work, this involved compiling and editing a great deal of material — including videos, sound effects, production stills, and media mentions — from over 30 years’ worth of projects.

Lincoln | Pros From Dover Productions

Client-based businesses are expected to list their competencies, contact information, and notable clients. But many of these websites fail to articulate the company’s work on a project, beyond a short sentence or clip. For PFD, I focused the site’s principal content around their projects, contextualizing the work of post-production editors with plentiful video and audio clips, and text.