HW Foundation Series

Spotlighting the people who make Hanley Wood shine

As part of its internship program, Hanley Wood tasked interns to produce its Foundation Series, interviewing company leadership about their editorial strategies and ideas. I produced and edited one of the feature’s videos, about editorial director Bill Palmer, then designed and developed the series website, compiling all its features into an elegant, responsive reading experience.

Foundation Series home page.
Foundation Series home page.

The website I designed for HWFS is all about Hanley Wood’s people. The goal was to go beyond ordinary profiles, and thoughtfully integrate material from editors’ work, in both video and text. Meaningful photography, compelling display and text typography, and carefully-considered pull quotes augment the reading experience; footers are furnished with personalized links and actions for social media. This work taught me how to design profiles that directly incorporate the subject’s work, and of the numerous steps of managing multimedia editorial projects.

Cementing its readability, HWFS renders seamlessly (and quickly) across devices of all sizes. Even art direction niceties often hidden on mobile devices are adapted appropriately for smaller screens.