Greatest Scene Ever

An award-winning web series gets a cinematic new website

The home page for Greatest Scene Ever.
The home page for Greatest Scene Ever.

Jerry Mulligan sings “I Got Rhythm,” An American in Paris. Roger Thornhill meets Eve Kendall, North by Northwest. Jeremy, John, and the family play football, Wedding Crashers. These are just a few moments picked by the hosts of Greatest Scene Ever, a show that takes a critical look at film’s iconic scenes. Premiering in Washington, D.C. as a program for American University, the series garnered praise for its smart topic selection and thoughtful discourse from film industry professionals. But episodes were woefully underexposed after their airing, buried in the vast labyrinth of the university website.

Greatest Scene Ever | An enlightening, entertaining conversation about film's greatest scenes.

After the series concluded with the university, I had the privilege of working with Greatest Scene Ever creator, host, and producer Greg Smith to bring the series’ episodes to the web. We established a YouTube presence for the series, while I designed a brand identity to establish the series independently. And finally, I designed and developed its website, which brings all the episodes together in one place, with a WordPress-powered back-end to make everything easy to manage. The new site puts Greatest Scene Ever‘s digital presence in the producers’ hands, and enables the show to make great episodes for TV and the web going forward.

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