Claire’s Song

For Claire, a couple of love songs

After spending winter break from college with Claire in Boston (and particularly, after a day-long drive up the North Shore), I decided to write her a song. Not knowing how to start, I picked up the acoustic and assembled a bed of sounds inspired by my favorite classics: string quartets, assorted percussion, and chiming Stratocasters. But when you’re tracking by yourself, trying not to butcher the sixth take of your sixteenth guitar, it’s easy to forget what really matters: the songwriting.

artwork_claires-songA couple months later, I tried a more restrained approach: playing well instead of editing after the fact, limiting the number of effects, and using software instruments without trying to fake real ones (including drum loops, a tough concession as a drummer in college housing). This made it easier to focus on the essence on the song — and let me discreetly produce while we worked together through late nights at the library. With some remote guitar handiwork from Coale, the song was finished just a few minutes before Claire and I met up for Valentine’s Day. Here it is now, along with its acoustic b-side, “The Eighth Track of South Station,” recorded the following Christmas. Enjoy!

Claire’s Song on Bandcamp.