Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities

Minor league Internet powers to help major league causes

“Almost everyone has a personal tie to cancer,” a Chicago Baseball Cancer Charities volunteer explained to me recently. We were at the Nerdery’s Overnight Website Challenge, where a group of whip-smart web pros (plus yours truly) were participating in a contest: to build a website, content plan, and brand identity for a nonprofit in 24 hours. CBCC throws fundraisers that let people play and interact with Chicago sports celebrities, putting the proceeds toward cancer-fighting organizations. But their limited resources meant they never had any enduring digital presence. (Raising money is hard enough with the web; try handling tasks like event registration or donations entirely offline.)

Through the Challenge, my team and I had the privilege to help get CBCC out of the dugout. While doing the site design and branding, I wanted something that was true to the charity and could get stood up quickly: sporty but not loud, simple but not spartan. We were thrilled to present something that fulfilled CBCC’s goals — a simple, editable website that makes it easy to donate and register for the group’s events. More broadly, each team in the Challenge was a wonderful example of what you can do with 24 hours and a shared passion for doing good (and lots of pizza).

See the site.

Image by Mr.Konerko (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.