Capital Offense

A web comedy series and website of reckless abandon

Like many Chicago-based twentysomethings, I’ve long enjoyed doing sketch comedy, ever since a viewing of New York’s Olde English troupe left an incurable bug (and four too many satirical music videos for my high school’s TV station). So when Jacob Motz and Kate Andrews asked if I wanted to join up for a 48-hour film competition, it was only a matter of time before it mutated into something bigger. Capital Offense is an Internet comedy racket produced, written, and performed by ourselves and other guests.

Capital Offense | An Internet comedy racket of reckless abandon.

Nowadays, many comedy groups get by with little more than a YouTube account, but having a standalone site is still indispensable for establishing a voice, and highlighting the numerous people who contribute to even one short. So I designed and developed Capital Offense’s site and identity, building features — share links, good-looking embeds, and mobile-friendly layouts — to make sharing our work easy. The site taught me new ways to showcase video content, and designing interfaces that encourage shareability, especially on mobile.

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Above: The Artist, our winning entry to the 2014 AU DIY 48 Film Competition.